Satan’s Chosen Year


Synopsis of an article in End Times Daily

October 3, 2019

St Michael Archangel

Satan has projected his evil plans and strategies to culminate in the total enslavement of humanity by the Year 2030. It is the year of the final battle of Satan and his followers to smash all humanity into Hell. The Heavenly Father shall not permit Satan and his disciples to further interfere with God’s plan for mankind after 2030.

Demons have clearly announced their year to conquer and enslave the world through their demonic plans for humanity. They have masked themselves through their new world order but have been exposed, and it will continue as we approach 2030. Rebuke Satan now for it is your work as Powerful Prayer Warriors and followers of Christ that will influence Satan’s ruin and defeat.

You must begin today to plan your families’ strategy to defeat evil in the world as we approach 2030. Thanks be to God . . . the victory shall be yours! Do not shirk from the recognition of the events in your world you can identify as the work of Satan, his servants, and their New World Order, for their order is to foment confusion and chaos and to trick humanity into following them.

Many of you already have the gift of discernment to recognize the work of Satan and his New World Order, so those of you who have this gift must exercise it by informing and instructing others who are being swayed by Satan’s global plan, a guise to ensnare you all by – 2030 – a year of of infamy for Satan and his followers.

It will also be a time of Great Transformation and a new beginning for mankind. But the journey will be dangerous and hazardous for Christians. Your powerful prayers and call to action will cause the defeat of Satan and his followers – the promise of the Heavenly Father for all His children.

Thanks be to God!

Source: End Times Daily


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