SEPTEMBER 26, 2020


Anna Marie: My dear Lord, are you calling me?

Jesus: Yes my dear little one.

Anna Marie: Thank you dear Jesus for coming. My Lord may I ask you please, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: My dear one, it is I, your Lord God and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.
Anna Marie: My Lord Jesus, may I ask you please, will you bow down and adore God your Eternal Holy Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes my dear one, I your Divine Savior Jesus will now and will always bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life of all that is visible and invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my dear Jesus, for your sinful servant is now listening.

Jesus: Now is the time for you to continue with all your preparations and to help others with theirs. Soon your Country will be in such turmoil that you will all know the time is now for all to plead to my Father for forgiveness. Do this now, before it is too late. Prepare yourselves spiritually by examining your conscience after you have spent much time in prayer. My Father will either reward or punish every man, woman and
child above the age of reason for his or her deeds. So do not wait for the Warning before doing so, prepare now my children. Prepare your food and water storage now, while you still have time. Make certain you have warm blankets for cold winters. If you do not have proper winter clothes or jackets, please consider getting some for all the members of your family. When you need these items in the near future, they may not be available. Prepare now.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord.

Jesus: Now little one, know that I am always with you. Guiding you, speaking with you, leading you to serve my beloved and faithful children around the world. Do your best to help all who come to you and you will be my mouth piece for all those who need me.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord. Thank you Jesus, I will do my very best to always serve you and Holy Mother Mary, my only Mother.

Jesus: Yes dear one. Tell my beloved Apostles to continue to pray. Their prayers have mitigated much of the
chastisements that were intended for their countries. Let them know I love each of them and will never
leave them. I AM the Good Shepherd and I know my sheep and my sheep know me. Your Loving Divine Lord
God and Savior, Jesus of the Cross.

Anna Marie: Thank you dearest Jesus, we all love you Jesus and praise YOU for your mercy!

Note: I highlighted some phrases of Jesus’ message.


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