Facebook Discriminated Me


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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

No se puede enviar tu mensaje porque incluye contenido que otras personas de Facebook reportaron como ofensivo.

Your message can’t be sent because it includes content that other People on Facebook reported offensive.

I receive the message in Spanish whenever I try to send an article link through Facebook. I have a blog with 4,000 articles written worldwide in four languages.

I am very offensive to Facebook users akin to pro-life vs pro-choice debate page who ambush and brainwash people in their pages. If the pro-choice pack does not attain its objectives, their members call despicable nomenclature to their opposition. If they resist presenting persuasive arguments, the pack calls Facebook to ban pro-life people from its platform.

Facebook should ban the pack instead of their opposition.

My blog is meditationsoncatholicism.blog, and I respectfully ask Mr. Zuckerberg to reinstate me in Facebook. My e-mail address is silveirafamily@yahoo.com.


Manuel Silveira


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2 Responses to Facebook Discriminated Me

  1. Paul Petit says:

    If Facebook allows pro-choice articles, which supports the killing of fetuses, etc., how can they block out a site that champions life??? If they don’t allow your blog, they are discriminating against you by allowing only one side of the argument. Totally wrong!!!!

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