Christ Explains American News



Focus on the first to the sixth minute of the video for Christ’s explanation of current events.

(01) It has been a year of mass chaos and mass confusion . . . to all the media deception.

(02) The world has never been in such a sad state except for the days of Noah.

(03) The giants were taking over and mankind had no chance of survival.

(04) The giants, half angels and half humans, are trying to take over mankind again.

(05) They cannot manipulate man, unless man allows them.

(06) Their power is limited to man’s acceptance of them.

(07) Their agenda is to suppress arrogant people to control the world.

(08) They want control of America first to control the world.

(09) America is in a battle for their survival right now.

(10) Trump is patriotic and he has made America independent of the world.

(11) Realize the current time and prepare for the famine.

(12) The Coronavirus shot is not what I desire for my People.


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