Ted Cruz Accuses The Biden Administration


Ted Cruz accuses the Biden administration of ‘crawling into bed with China’


This article supplements the article “Nonsensical Biden”.

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Nonsensical Biden | Manuel Silveira (meditationsoncatholicism.blog)


(01) President Biden’s executive orders in energy are radical and extreme.

(02) Rejoining the Paris climate deal threatens to destroy thousand of high paid jobs across America.

(03) Senator John Kerry statement “they need to learn to make better choices” does not contribute to the healing and unifying America.

(04) America had last year the highest carbon reduction among nations.

(05) Kerry said cooperation with China is the key to progress climate change.

(06) Biden’s executive order to stop mentioning “China Virus” or “Wuhan Virus” infringes freedom of speech.

(07) China bears directly responsibility for multiple lives lost to Coronavirus across the world.


President Donald Trump made America oil independent in 2020.

US energy independence is the idea of eliminating the need for the United States to import petroleum and other foreign sources of energy. Energy independence is espoused by those who want to leave the US unaffected by global energy supply disruptions, and to restrict reliance upon politically unstable states for its energy security. Energy independence is highly concerned with oil, the source of the country’s principal transport fuels.

World War III will strike at any moment in the Middle East between Israel and Arab nations exporters of oil. America dependency on Arab oil amid World War III is deplorable, since a huge supply of gasoline will be absolutely needed to fight World War III.

What is President Biden vision for America?


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