Your Hearts Are Broken



Focus on the first to the third minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I know your hearts are broken but no one has misspoken,

(02) You have two presidents: one receives the crown, the other is right now


(03) He is laying low not to create a show.

(04) You will see I did hear your plea.

(05) Trump has truly won the election.

(06) Evil makes a show, he will never succeed, he will be stampede.

(07) Let him [Biden] continue to hang himself as a rope is placed around his neck.

(08) He is trying to steal My America through this takeover endeavor.

(09) The sea of truth will cover all America with the proof of Trump’s victory.

(10) The march of victory will truly happen.

(11) America will be free, trust in Me.


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