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Open letter to the Beloved People of France and the whole world

Beloved People, Glory to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Hope and Salvation from France.

May Peace and Blessing be upon you.

Many contenders for the Throne of France come forward and claim it rightly or even out of clumsiness. Royalists advance in great confusion not knowing who will be the true Heir to the Throne. You must, with great confidence, rest on the Revelations of the Mystics which will lead time towards the advent of the Lily of Bourbon. The signs of these times are already directing hearts to this joyful hope. The Mission of the Only King of France is parasitized by many alleged heirs. France must rediscover the nourishing Christian roots and put on the baptismal dress to become the Elder Daughter of the Church again.

The one who is to come, exiled, is well hidden awaiting his moment. Saint Michael, Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Louis King of France, prepares him for his great Mission, namely to save France and restore the church. He will place the Last Pontiff on the Papal Chair. When he comes, he will come when the Republic falters, rumors smolder about the hidden death of its leader and civil war breaks out in France. In the confusion the Throne will be given to an Orleans. However the Legitimists will cross swords with the Orleanists to return the throne to the Lys de Bourbon. The one who is to come is the Heir to the Throne of France by Divine Right.

With its advent, the House of Bourbon will be re-established. In these chaotic times, it is the history of France that is playing out again. With the revenge of the Orleans branch. The True King of France holds for the moment his legitimacy in the revelations entrusted to the Mystics who support him and recognize him as the one who is chosen by Divine election to be anointed. It will be legitimately sacred in several Cathedrals in order to honor a pious tradition. It is important to look back on past events in order to better understand the signs of the present and future times. Charles VI King of France, from 1380 to 1422, was struck by dementia. France is confronted with the civil war between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians.

To retain power, Isabeau of Bavaria, wife of Charles VI, passed into the camp of the Burgundians with the assassination of the Duke of Orleans in 1407. The King of England Henri V took advantage of his troubles to join the Burgundians and won the victory of Agincourt in 1415. With the support and the complicity of Isabeau of Bavaria wife of Charles VI, the Treaty of Troys was signed on May 21, 1421 between Henri V, Charles VI and the Duke of Burgundy. This treaty disinherits the Dauphin Charles VII for the benefit of Henry V on condition that the latter marries Catherine the daughter of Charles VI. Henry V then becomes King of France and England. The future King Charles VII, entrenched in Bourges, refuses to recognize this treaty, secures the support of the Center and the South of France.

At the age of 13, Saint Joan of Arc received Messages, Messages from Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Marguerite which asked her to deliver France then into the hands of the English. In 1428, she begged Captain Robert De Baudricourt to go to Chinon, where the Dauphin Charles VII was. She could not go there until 1429. She recognized by Divine Inspiration the Dauphin Charles VII, who was deliberately concealed by the assembly for two reasons. The first is the safety of the Future King, and the second is the way to test the veracity and credibility of Saint Joan of Arc in knowing her ability to recognize the Dauphin and she succeeds in convincing him of the reality of her mission. She then confirms to him that he and the True Heir to the Throne and asks him to entrust her with an army for the ongoing battle.

The victory in Orleans therefore galvanized the troops. After that Patay, (defeats of the English armies in front of Saint Joan on June 18, 1429) Saint Joan of Arc took AUXERRE, TROYES, CHALONS, opening the way to Reims. She consecrated Charles VII in Reims in 1429 to legitimize him as the true King of France. His intervention was decisive in rekindling hope. While trying to take Paris she is injured. After having taken Compiègne, it was captured by the Burgundians who delivered it to the English in 1431.

Bishop Pierre Cauchon, French, becomes one of the judges of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, joined by the English of the Burgundian party. Saint Joan of Arc was burnt on May 29, 1431.

The Heir to the Throne cannot show himself as the Prophecies so clearly indicate about him. The stigmatized Marie Julie Jahenny has revealed great secrets concerning this King of Divine Right. He is hidden for his safety and protection. He is concealed like Dauphin Charles VII was, but he is Invested by God. Recognized already by some Mystics and will be recognized again when others come to him like Saint Joan of Arc who had discovered who the Hidden King was.

The True Descendant of the Bumblebees will be disinherited as Charles VII was. The fight will be fought like that led by Saint Joan of Arc to consecrate the Dauphin. Great mysteries surround the True Heir. The signs that surround him unmistakably designate him as Legitimate to the Throne. The enlightenment is given in confirmations, one should not get lost in following the agitators, the usurpers who expose themselves publicly.

Dear Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Nuns and Religious, Mystics and Messengers of Heaven, faithful Christians, Romanists, Royalists and you, Land of France, prepare the way for the True Heir to the Throne of France. It is imperative that the Messengers appointed by Heaven and having received the Divine confidences concerning the Grand Monarch and confirming His Writings can come forward to authenticate the True Royal Mission. The bugle blast was heard commanding the gathering of souls in the unity of the Faith. The troops must stand up and settle down and offer the sword blade of their hearts to pledge allegiance to the only King of France.

The Banner of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the One under which you must stand. By following it, it will lead you to the True Grand Monarch. The Messages and Signs, given by Heaven concerning the King of Divine Right, are crystal clear and there is no longer any doubt as to the designation of this Heir. The time is no longer for unnecessary palaver, turf wars and ego battles but for preparing now for the Rise of the Monarch.

The necessary and sufficient conditions are met to begin this long march to the Throne. A union for common action is now offered to all those who intend to serve the Heir of France with fidelity and dedication.

Our prayers go to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary for the safeguard of the True Heir to the Bourbons.

On our Faith,

By delegation for the Very Christian King, Henry V of the Cross

The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother


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