Born Alive Amendment



America rivals with Sodom and Gomorrah in corruption, but differs in destiny, because America belongs to God and He will use her in His plan of salvation for humanity at The End Times.

The “Prophecy: Escalating Evil” is fulfilling in our generation of Christ Second Coming. For example, President Donald Trump signed the ‘BORN ALIVE’ PROTECTION ORDER but the Senate is revoking the order early in the presidency of Joe Biden elected under massive fraud.

He will have a short term because God will reinstate soon President Donald Trump, the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, to initiate America’s purification. God is merciful but fair and will chastise America for purification through calamities escalating in frequency and intensity until America forsakes Satan and surrenders to God.

Fellow Americans, elect God and Heaven over Satan and Hell and mitigate God’s chastisement of America. I write now with great trepidation and dismay to fulfill my duties of Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times. The Divine Call Package documents the duties.

The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier and His divine spouse, the Blessed Mother Mary gave me an Interior Locution about God’s Wrath over the world, particularly for the horrific sin of abortion. Catholic Senators Vote Against Pro-Life Bill may cause the cup of God’s indignation to overflow.


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