Two Presidents for Short


You have indeed two Presidents. . . But not for long

Love Letter from Jesus Christ


January 21, 2021 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Beloved Heartdwellers, cleave to the Lord, pray, and hope for this nation. The battle is not lost, rather it is in full progress. Declare to everyone that God is in control, because He is… Amen.

Dear Family, I want you to remember the word the Lord gave me before all of this began. David’s son Absalom won the hearts of the people behind his father’s back and had himself declared king. David was forced to flee his palace and go into the wilderness with hand-picked, chosen warriors. Well, I have to admit, that I’ve been keeping a close eye on the proceedings on the internet, praying for everything that comes up. Of course, I felt a little guilty about seeking the underground news, then Jesus came to me, saying gently…

(Jesus) “Can we talk?”

(Clare) I answered Him… ‘You mean You still want to talk to me after the way I have been glued to recent events on the internet?’

(Jesus) “Yes, My Love, now more than ever. You have nothing to fear about your nation, as long as you and others stay in a posture of intercession. Beloved Heartdwellers, do not drift off into the world during this time period. It is critical. I would like to say, any other time period as well and this could be the beginning of a better habit, a better habit than running after the news. Your continual vigilance and intercession are needed.

“You have indeed two presidents, but not for long. There is going to be an overhaul in your government, but not to become Communist, rather to become a True Republic.

“By now, you should know the character of the man known as Donald Trump. He put his family’s lives on the line to serve this country and make the necessary changes. He would awake each day, knowing that it could be his last on earth, and even knowing that he might never see his beloved wife or daughter again alive. In spite of all this, he persevered, he took that chance, and he trusted Me. Have I let him down? No, I have protected him and his family from all the assassination attempts.

“Knowing this, you should be able to surmise that he is not going to leave a job half done. That is not in his nature, nor is it in the best interests of his family’s future in this nation. The world is full of many dangers right now. There are many unknowns. This is why I am asking for your continued prayers. I know it is not easy to continue in prayer, I know you become weary, but I will sustain you if only you will ask and resolve yourself upon the great work of rebirthing a nation.

“The old nation will be destroyed, the new will arise, but not without casualties. I know, Clare, you are wondering about the Rapture timing and the establishment of righteousness in this nation. I know the conflict in your heart, yet I am calling upon you to abandon your attachment to this difficulty in your reasoning. I assure you that as long as you stay in the posture of prayer for the world, this giant question mark will be resolved. It is not up to Me to draw the line on the timing, and you must try to understand that many elements feed into My Father’s decision.

“The main point is that you must all be in a posture of readiness, actively doing the jobs you have been commissioned to carry out, full time, without laxity, loving your brother as you love yourself, and taking care of others, whether it be food, clothing, prayers, teachings, etc. etc. These are works of mercy and you must be busy about My business, otherwise you will be left behind. No more slackness, apply yourselves and be ready at a moment’s notice to be taken up and leave all that is in this world behind. Those who live only for themselves will be left behind.


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  1. Kat says:

    Amen! Praying several times a day for America.

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