Independent Investigation of the Capitol Riot



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may get much more than she is bargaining for with an independent investigation of the US Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021.

The formation and determination of the commission independence is definitely the first step of an independent investigation. We The People must believe the investigation commission is independent in appearance and fact.

Americans should judge the objectivity of the investigative processes, as the independent media report them, and I am confident the independent investigation commission will examine the root cause and driving force of the Capitol Riot.

I am inquisitive about a contingency plan of the Capitol security when protesters started the march towards the Capitol, the political ideologies of the first human front breaching the Capitol and the brevity Congress certified states with two sets of electors. Has Congress considered beforehand the environment and the voter outcome following the election certification?

Some politicians have beaten a bright and tenacious Trump like people would beat a dead horse. America, do not dismay if the horse resurrects and kicks the people on the face. Assume Trump not guilty and issue a verdict at the investigative closure.


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