Read the Bible



The Almighty Father’s message

(01) Life has consequences when you do not obey Me.

(02) My word is the Bible written by the Holy Spirit through men.

(03) If you do not read the Bible, you have no reference to a truth and a lie.

(04) You accept what is not biblical and fall prey to many things that are off the Scriptures.

(05) So much deception makes Me angry.

(06) Chaos is the devil’s domain, and he wants to create deceptive chaos.

(07) You have to use wisdom and trust in Me.

(08) Most of the real prophets are called false prophets.

(09) And the false prophets are the ones you believe are real prophets.

(10) If you do not love one another, you are not Mine.

(11) You are not called to judge anyone, because I am the judge.

(12) My love, mercy and compassion need to be shown.

(13) Time to walk in My spirit not your flesh.

(14) You are living in serious times.

(15) Read My Word everyday so you will not dismay.

(16) Christ will walk with you and will never leave your side.


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