Never Give In To Evil



Focus on the ninth to the thirteenth minute of the video for Christ’s message.

(01) My People is filled with the Holy Spirit.

(02) Never fear evil and give into it.

(03) You will see changes coming to America.

(04) It is time to grab freedom and walk in it.

(05) I love you and freely gave my life for all of you [on the cross].

(06) It was unbearable to have the sins of men placed upon My soul.

(07) Evil cannot understand love and its power cannot cease to exist.

(08) The Father will create a New Heaven and a New Earth.

(09) The parting of the Red Sea moment is about to occur.

Note: The parting of the Red Sea continually represents God’s saving power.

(10) Accept My love for you and stop to live in condemnation.

(11) Walk with Me and be free.

(12) Love one another and have patience to one another.


Click on the following link to retrieve the article “The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier”.

The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier | Manuel Silveira (


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