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March 22, 2021 – Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock. Message to Enoch.

Humanity is entering a time of revolts and confrontations.

“My Peace be with you, Flock of mine.

This is what the Lord says:

Sheep of my Flock, humanity is entering a time of revolts and confrontations, which will intensify and spread throughout the world; demonstrations, some due to the protocols and quarantines to which humanity is being subjected due to this pandemic, others due to unemployment and hunger; many others for vaccines and the establishment of the New World Order. Very soon, my flock will be persecuted as the new world order establishes itself, peace for my people will be lost.

Sheep of my Flock, the time of the last reign of my adversary is about to begin, the path has already been paved for his appearance; it only lacks the arrival of the Warning and the short time of the Miracle, to unleash the great tribulations that will purify my flock. The schism in my Church, the war and the fall of the economy, are events that are yet to take place. The mark of the beast, the Microchip is already on its way, the vaccines with the Nanochip that will mark most of humanity, are already prepared. The pretext of the pandemics will cause many souls, some out of fear, others out of ignorance, and the vast majority because both for estrangement and lack of faith in God, will run to get vaccinated without knowing that by doing so they will lose the Life of the Spirit.

In the last reign of my adversary when they tell you that you should be vaccinated with the biometric vaccine called luciferase, refrain from doing so; because in it, the mark of the beast will come. Through the new technology that you call 5G and via satellite help, this vaccine, after being injected, the nanochip that is in it, will be moved via satellite to be placed in the right hand or on the forehead; this fulfills what my Word says: it forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a mark on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the mark of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name (Revelation 13. 16, 17).

Flock of mine, I warn you in advance so that you will not fall into this deception; pay attention to my messages of salvation, because they will guide you in your passage through the desert of purification, and they will take you safely to the gates of my New Creation. Know that all those who will be marked with the mark of the beast, will cease to be sheep of my flock. To all those marked with the mark of the beast, a malignant and painful sore will come out (Revelation 16. 2).

The time of conspiracies and deceptions has begun with the New World Order, humanity will never return to normal; when a pandemic is eradicated, more and more of them will come; all this in order to keep humanity confined and subdued, to prepare him for the appearance of the Antichrist, who will be announced by all the media as the expected messiah, who will bring peace to the world and the solution to all the problems of humanity. Flock of mine you have been warned, so that nothing takes you by surprise; remain alert and vigilant, praying at all times, because the days that you are living are already of darkness.My peace I leave with you, my Peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make my messages of salvation known to all humanity, flock of mine.”

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