Rebuke World War III



Focus on the second to the sixth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) It is hard to believe things will get so bad on Earth I will move you to build the Safe


(02) The seals are each very important, significant events that bring change to the Earth.

(03) It is most important to Me your acceptance of Christ as your Savior.

(04) The message of salvation is key to deliverance for My people.

(05) Russia is gathering its army to move forward in its quest for domination.

(06) America is in a weakened state because of Biden.

(07) You must pray very diligently that the world does not go on World War III at this time.

(08) America will not be able at this time to stand against all nations that want to destroy her.

(09) China has made moves in the absence of Trump and knows Biden’s weakness.

(10) My hand will not allow America to be destroyed during this takeover.

(11) Your prayers are very powerful against evil.

(12) Rebuke Satan and his plan to destroy America and take over the world.

(13) Satan has complete control over some countries, and Christians are murdered all the time.

(14) It is time for America to be freed from this evil takeover.

(15) Your prayers will bring it to pass . . . pray!

(16) You are very important as a part of My Kingdom.

(17) Use the power Christ gave you against all evil.


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