Warning to English Speakers



My two best friends are Arab and Jew, I am Roman Catholic, religion has never been an issue between me and them, and I believe people generally follow the religion of their parents.

The Holy Spirit has communicated with me in spoken English, through telepathy and interior locutions. He asked me initially to write the Warning Package about the upcoming Warning and Illumination of Conscience in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. These phenomena will be experienced by every person of reasoning age regardless of their religion. You will surely experience the phenomena, and the Holy Spirit asked me to announce them to you.

They follow some pertinent extracts of MARY’s message to the Prophet ENOCH on March 3, 2021. MARY is the mother of Christ.

“My children, I remind you again: prepare for the arrival of the Warning, because it is close, much closer than you think. My Heart suffers in seeing that the immense majority of humanity is not prepared; this great event will totally change the understanding that many have about spiritual life. Humanity will enter a state of ecstasy that will last between fifteen and twenty minutes of your earthly time, in which you will be shown the state of your soul with respect to both God and your brothers.”

“Every mortal will be judged, only my little ones who lack the use of reason will be the exception; everything will be judged even your idle words. How sad I feel to see that many souls will perish eternally due to the gravity of their sins. This is why, little children, I am asking you to be spiritually prepared, so that you can withstand this test, which will open your understanding and knowledge about the existence of eternity and God.”

“My children, you are already in times of darkness, where you must pray morning and night, because the forces of evil are attacking you. If you, my little ones, do not repel these attacks, you run the risk of falling into the traps and deceptions of my adversary, who will spiritually weaken you and separate you from God, and then steal your soul.”


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