Warning Package






The Holy Spirit asked me to prepare a package for the Warning and Illumination of Conscience.

The package comprises the following hyperlinked articles in descending order.


Garabandal News

Illumination of Conscience

Sister Faustina and Enlightenment

The Warning

Great Warning

Warning: Salvation or Condemnation

Conchita and the Warning

Super Holy Friday

Sister Faustina and Penance


Be Born Again


Agnostics and Atheists

Mind vs God

Almighty Father’s Warning

Warning Experience

Urgent Warning Message

Warning Process

Warning Casualties

Preliminary Sign of the Warning

Timing the Warning

The Warning Is Near

Our Lady Assures The Warning

Christ Reveals the Warning

Kingdom of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness

Jews for Jesus

Christ Mentions the Warning

Father’s Warning

Beware of the Warning

Events before the Warning

Blessed Mother and the Warning

False Teachings

Safe Heavens

Cross in Red Sky

Luz de Maria: Pre-Warning

Luz de Maria: Warning

Warning and Confession

Muslim Doctor met Jesus

A Sign on the Horizon

Illumination is Near

Illumination of Conscience is Near




  • Seek the sacrament of Penance before the Warning
  • Pray for Atheists to welcome God’s mercy
  • Receive humbly your Illumination of Conscience
  • Do not justify your sins during the Illumination of Conscience
  • Thank Christ for his mercy
  • Be Born Again after your Illumination of Conscience



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