Judgment Is Here – Build My Arks



Focus on the first to the sixth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I hear your cries and prayers for your families in America and the world.

(02) I am only listening to My People who are one with Me.

(03) The world has judgment coming to it.

(04) You, My People, are pleading with Me for mercy, I hear you, and mercy is My name.

(05) Evil is running rampant around the world, but love is also moving across the planet.

(06) The timeframe is here, and I will not change it.

(07) America will return to Me spiritually . . . not financially.

(08) Famine is coming to the world, and you, My love, will live in the Safe Havens.

(09) This is the time of cleansing and being led into the Safe Havens.

(10) People who chose evil will be dispersed and led to Hell.

(11) Plagues, famines, pestilences and sorrows for the world are here to stay.

(12) Get your feet out of the world and into My Kingdom.

(13) Your planet is breaking apart because of all murders.

(14) Time for My Kingdom to rule and rein . . . not Satan’s.

(15) Let Satan do what he must do and My people do whatever they are called to do.

(16) Build your Safe Havens and live in peace and harmony.

(17) My beauty will be in the Safe Havens while the world crumbles.

(18) You must take this seriously, unless you believe the enemy’s lies.

(19) You will have to leave your houses and move to the Safe Havens.

(20) The Safe Heavens are the places you will go before the rapture.

(21) There will be a New Heaven and a New Earth where peace will dwell.

(22) Wake up and see The Truth because it will set you free.


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