Antichrist’s Revelation


Sheep of My flock, the being of injustice [Antichrist] is already among you, but do not be afraid; My Father will allow him to make himself known only after the Warning; You will recognize his appearance when he makes his world declaration through the media!

April 16, 2021, 11:45 a.m. – An urgent call from Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to His flock. Message to Enoch.

Sheep of My flock, My peace be with you!

My flock, the wolves are already camouflaged in your midst, but don’t worry; I won’t let anything happen to you. Remember that I am the Eternal Shepherd who gives my life for her sheep; come to Me or to the Shepherdess of God, My Mother, and I assure you that if you are the sheep of My flock, that nothing and no one can touch or harm you.

The time of darkness is beginning, and wolves are already wandering this world looking for My sheep to eat them. Protect yourself, My flock, with spiritual armor (Ephesians 6: 10-18) and arm yourself in the morning and evening with My Blood by strengthening your armor with the power of Psalm 91. If you follow My instructions, you will live, but if you separate from Me, you will perish, you will be nothing but Me.

The New World Order has already begun with the agenda of vaccines implanting a regime of tyranny and injustice to rule the world; quarantines and masks are a result of the pandemic which will last long and humanity will never return to normalcy. Millions of souls are lost every day for sin and lingering evil, what if the Son of Satan appeared before the Warning? There would be no survivors who could inhabit the New Creation. Many will come to impersonate Me; they will say, “I am the Messiah” and will deceive many people. (Mt 24.4 / 5)

I am telling you again, My Children: read my Holy Word and contemplate it in your hearts so that you do not fall into the deception and conspiracy of the envoys of evil; because there are days when you will be hungry for lack of spiritual food and thirst for lack of My Word. (Amós 8, 11) and contemplate it in your heart so that no one will deceive you during this time. The “messiah” that will soon emerge, and many of whom report it is not ME, but the Antichrist. The propaganda of the appearance of the false messiah has already begun; be careful not to succumb to this delusion, Sheep of My Flock, because the media and disciples of My Adversary have already begun to announce his performance!

Many news and false prophets talk about the arrival of the Messiah today. Be very careful, because all messages that come from Me must be confirmed by My Word. My prophets do not seek protagonism or recognition in this world; and the main feature of their recognition is the attack, persecution and censorship to which they are subjected. Remember, a disciple is never more than a master, nor is a servant more than his master. (Mt 10,24)

My flock, Enoch and Elijah, are already among you, but your lack of faith has not allowed you to see and accept them. My two witnesses will not appear in public until after the Warning. You have the spirit of Enoch and Elijah from the Old Testament. The mission of one is to evangelize and the other task is to fight the Antichrist at the time of his last reign. Therefore rejoice, because you will know My two witnesses very soon.

I remind you: be careful not to touch My anointed, do not harm My prophets. (Ps 105.15) There is revenge for what will happen to one of My elect. (Psalm 79:10) Whoever harms my two witnesses will die. (Rev. 11.5)

I leave my peace to you, I give you my peace. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Lord, Jesus, Good Shepherd.

Communicate My messages of salvation to all mankind, the sheep of My flock!

Translation of Message to Enoch (in Slovak) – 16 April 2021 | Little Pebble


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