Orientation for Catholic Church Renewal


The Catholic Church Renewal will occur during the pontificate of Pope Peter II.

“Do not worry, My son,  about “when and where”, for you will understand more and more as time progresses. You will soon be taken to the third Heaven with the Monarch and the Apostles and many others who will be working with you, to be renewed in body and spirit so as to finish your mission on Earth. You will then be given all knowledge  of events and all will make prefect sense to you. Do not fear My son for all is upon the World,” said Jesus through a Seer to Petrus Romanus per the article “Petrus Romanus, May 08, 2021“.

He and his group will soon be taken to the third Heaven, a Temporary Rapture, to receive orientation from the Holy Trinity about the Catholic Church Renewal. God has chosen Petrus Romanus, Little Pebble, to become the last pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Petrus Romanus’ group will collectively receive the Holy Spirit’s Nine Charisms, according to the mission God is determined for each group member. God will bestow the charisms of Knowledge and Wisdom to all group members.


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