Filipino Alert about the Warning


Dear Brethren Filipinos,

The Holy Spirit asked me to alert you about the impending Warning and Illumination of Conscience, a great act of God’s mercy, second to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

God has reserved a predominant role to the Philippines in His plan of salvation at the End Times, as your nation will become the Catholic Church center to prepare Christ Second Coming. The Vatican lead by the future and last Pope Peter II will be in Manila, and the Philippines will become the primary center of world evangelization.

Assume your divine nobility Brethren Filipinos . . . Strengthen your spirituality to prepare for your individual Illumination of Conscience, because the Holy Spirit wants to pour abundant graces, gifts and charisms upon your nation.

He had asked me to prepare Warning Package(s) in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, and to disseminate them worldwide, and He has given me many Interior Locution(s) to develop the packages.


Manuel Silveira


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