You Are So Blind



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My people, while you are busy, I watch my creation being destroyed.

(02) You have no idea of the sin committed and how it affects your soul.

(03) You forget one day you will stand before Me.

(04) Yes, you are the murderers of my babies.

(05) Yes, you destroyed someone’s business to vent your anger.

(06) Yes, you are the teacher who tries to be politically correct and teach my creation

to live in sin as if it was the correct way of life.

(07) How can the creation tell the creator I have no need of you, do not want to follow

anything you tell me to do.

(08) How can you discount My love and fell justification to do whatever you please even

when it destroys another human being.

(09) How can you be so blind to walk around in such ignorance of what is the Truth.

(10) It is so sad as Your Father who sent His only Son to set you free to be so ignored.

(11) You have no idea of what you are doing.

(12) The destruction of life from the beginning is so horrendous that the world will suffer

the consequences. The blood is no longer hidden.

(13) The souls of each person who never had a chance to live cry out to Me from the

ground for justice. The time is at hand for justice.

(14) Owe to those who actually did the sacrifice to Bael.

(15) You dumped their lifeless bodies in the garbage and walked away for another day.

(16) You have no idea how serious this crime is against humanity, but I do.

(17) America, America . . . judgment is here.

(18) Time to stop this abomination, pick the pieces and return to Me.

(19) I weep for every child that was lost.

(20) Love one another and that goes into the womb where each child exists until birth.


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