No One Will Forget



Focus on the second to the fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Your economy is about to take a serious dive, and disrupt just about everything.

(02) It will be a time you will never forget.

(03) Hell will be screaming its defeat.

(04) You will see evil manifest right before your eyes. It will be very upsetting.

(05) This will create the door for My Spirit to touch many lives.

(06) An Holy Spirit’s outpouring will take place while many shelves will sit empty.

(07) Wealthy businessmen will break down in tears as their livelihoods are destroyed.

(08) It is a woe, a judgment, My way of silencing those who thought they would succeed

in this takeover of America.

(09) Evil will flee because America belongs to you and Me.

(10) The victory has been won in this evil regime.

(11) America will not fall, but will once again bend her knee to Me.

(12) America will rise and shine again for all the world to see.

(13) My babies will be saved, one soul at a time, as My light shines.


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