Are You Ready



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) America has been chastised for murdering my babies.

(02) The woe is upon you all.

(03) Everyone will feel the effect of this crash.

(04) The world will receive this woe as a judgement and a correction.

(05) One cannot keep printing lies on paper to cover economic mistakes.

(06) The reset must happen for my gold and silver to have the value I placed on them.

(07) Do not put yourself on the position of My judgement.

(08) Do not murder my babies and take away the life I breach into each soul.

(09) Shame to you America for allowing abortion for fifty years.

(10) Roe vs Wade will end this year.

(11) I will save America for this tyrannical murdering government.

(12) If you knew how many people are murdered for power you would be appalled.

(13) Evil will be swiftly moved out as they take all the count [election audits].

(14) Biden will be thrown out and Kamala Harris will cry in fear.

(15) Watch the dollar fall, and gold and silver will stabilize the economy.

(16) Silver will be the precious metal to have, even in the malls, and it will never fall.


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