Follow The Leader



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I am not oblivious to all you go through.

(02) There is always victory to those who walk with Christ.

(03) Everyone of My children are being transformed into the image of My Son.

(04) You are all in a learning process and I use everything you go through to perfect you.

(05) The Earth is Mine and an enemy has come in to steal, kill and destroy.

(06) I sent My Only Son into the world for redemption.

(07) Redemption will come to those who love me and accept Christ.

(08) The Holy Spirit is with you forever.

(09) Do not fear what man or evil can do, because you are Mine.

(10) Open your hearts and let Me in so I can just love you.

(11) My Holy Spirit is with you to comfort your souls in every situation you go through.

(12) When Christ returns the Earth will be taken back from Satan.

(13) Your government is in the hands of evil, because My people did no stand up to rightness.

(14) You are now standing up and fighting back.

(15) America belongs to Me and I will sent her free.

(16) America will shine My light for the world to see.

(17) She will be on bending knee worshipping Me.

(18) I am your Father and I will crash the almighty dollar.

(19) You have begun the New Era of time.


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