Make Straight the Path



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message, and from the ninth minute on for the proclamation “Make Straight The Path For The King Of Glory Is Coming“.

Highlights of the Almighty Father’s Message

(01) Keep rising up and refuse to be pushed back by the enemy.

(02) The wheat and the tares are growing up together.

(03) Evil will be looked at and the Holy Spirit will also be seen.

(04) Continue to pray, fast, rebuke and praise Me for delivering America.

(05) Many have just sat back and accepted this election steal as if the victory has been

given to the other side and nothing can be done.

(06) The Constitution declares a juste election to be done.

(07) And when or anyone interferes with the election process, it ia a very egregious crime

for a country that can vote its president in.

(08) If that does not happen, it makes the country a dictatorship.

(09) If those who want to control are not stopped they will to continue to push the people

back until no one has any freedom.

(10) They will push their will and their power, and rule supreme.

(11) This is not My America!

(12) Time to take back what the devil has stolen.

(13) Proof of the steal is necessary for the Supreme Court to get involved.

(14) You have that proof.

(15) The enemy had no idea it would be caught.

(16) Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed.

(17) An illegal president cannot stay in office, it is that simple!

(18) Truth will change the outcome.

(19) Continue to fight for righteousness.

(20) Walk in our kingdom so we can bless America again.

(21) No more allowing evil to do its evil.

(22) Rebuke it everywhere it is in Christ’s name.


The proclamation “Make Straight The Path For The King Of Glory Is Coming” refers to

Christ Second Coming. Be vigilant to meet the Lord in the clouds.


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