The Flesh Can’t Reject the Flesh



Focus on the third to the sixth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My people, I love you so very much.

(02) You think I am always upset with you because of your imperfections, but it is not true.

(03) I loved you even before you knew and loved Me.

(04) I reached out to you and loved you.

(05) America is coming to a time of healing.

(06) This is the time for the Holy Spirit to move across the world, convict the sinner to

repentance, and show who is Christ.

(07) Open your hearts and let us three in [Holy Trinity].

(08) My power can and will operate through you.

(09) You are flesh unless you receive and accept the Holy Spirit.

(10) The supernatural should be natural in My people.

(11) Evil also operates in that realm.

(12) You must always test the spirits.


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