Christ or Satan


A Message form Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on July 13, 2021

So I ask you, my children on which side do you want to be? [ Christ or Satan ]


This is a binary election with a known binary outcome. [ Heaven or Hell ]

We make choices in life without exact knowledge of their outcomes, for example business decisions and equity investments. We can only use probability to assess risk to determined an expected outcome among potential outcomes.

In spirituality, we do not need probability to assess risk, because we decide between two courses of action and each decision leads to a known, exact outcome. The decisions and their corresponding outcomes are mutually exclusive.


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Undated picture of Gisella Cardia

Gisella Cardia who claimed to be a visionary said the Blessed Virgin Mary has warned last year of a new disease that would come from China. The Italian woman said the Virgin Mary told her in September 2019 about the new disease and to pray for China, “because new diseases will come from there.”


We are the generation of Christ Second Coming and Armageddon determines for us the two mutually exclusive outcomes of deciding between Christ and Satan.

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Armageddon | Manuel Silveira (


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