Christ’s Warning Message to Enoch



June 20, 2021


Another message from heaven to us human beings, a clear warning to us from Enoch (Columbia), please listen to it, because it is very relevant now.

We also strongly encourage you to undertake the penance that Mary asks us all the time in the messages, to undertake it.

We also ask you, who are watching and listening, to pray for people who create this channel, so that we can publish messages from all over the world that heaven transmits to us, God bless you in advance for every prayer and sigh for those who create this channel.

God bless you, my dear ones.

Public revelation and private revelation, discernment and other issues Public revelation is contained in Sacred Scripture or in the Apostolic Tradition, but is communicated by the Magisterium of the Church. They ended with the teachings of the Apostles, or – as it is put – with the death of the last of the apostles (St. John), and they are made to be believed by all to the extent that they are able to know them.

This is the foundation of the Faith with which all private revelation must conform if they are to be considered authentic.

On the other hand, private revelation is given by God through a given visionary to help the Church pay attention to some element of Public Revelation helpful in a given historical epoch. Hence compliance with Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium is essential if one wants to delve into this subject.

The Church should subject them to discernment, and then, if she considers that there is nothing in them that would be contrary to faith and / or morality, she can propose them to the faithful so that they build their piety on them. However, it cannot make anyone believe in them. One can have a private opinion on a given revelation, even if the ecclesiastical authority has not yet sufficiently investigated it; there were also cases (e.g. of St. Joan of Arc) when the church authority spoke unambiguously negatively, but then, after more thorough discernment, changed its mind; discernment is a difficult and long-lasting art (“church mills grind slowly”). Obviously, you cannot accept indiscriminately everything you hear; in any case, one should exercise caution and compare the messages with Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium (and also with each other; if God is their source, there will always be consistency, though not necessarily in small details).

In addition, there are several other criteria for discernment, for example, circumstances (especially miraculous) cannot obscure the content or distract from God; a balanced attitude and obedience of the visionary are also greatly appreciated. In addition, miracles (if authentic, they exclude human fabrication) and the fruits of faith and the sensus fidei of God’s people (exclude demonic action) are helpful in discerning.

On this occasion, I am asking you again to pray for this channel, its creators, as well as for their families, and for the whole Church, as well as for all sinners, that they may convert and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For my part and the team that runs the canal, I promise to pray for you and your families. God bless you! May Mary always give us all her Motherly Blessing in the Name of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen. God bless you sisters and brothers.


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