Wedding Bells Are Ringing



Focus on the first to the fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Crash at last in the nation that murders My creation.

(02) Biden, what a fool, you are truly cruel and will be subdued.

(03) Election, election, it was one big misconception.

(04) You slid in the White House like a snake.

(05) Make no mistake, My victory will not be late and it is not for debate.

(06) As results are clear, the election was smeared.

(07) A demonic attack changed the true elect.

(08) That is on display and the world is watching.

(09) Evil will be through.

(10) Justice will prevail, look at the sail.

(11) The ship is turning toward the lighthouse

(12) The wind is blowing with the Holy Spirit.

(13) Christ is the king of glory, He will return on His glory for all the world to see on

bended knee.

(14) As people gather together in His name, America will never again be put to shame.

(15) Everything is in My time even the crash of the dime.

(16) Rise America, you have overcome this evil crowd.

(17) Once again My blessings will fall upon America as she surrenders to My will and stop

to kill innocent babies.

(18) I will provide what you need even through this grief that brought you to your knees.

(19) America will once again sing.

(20) Freedom at last, the sorrow will be in the past.


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