They Don’t Care Whom They Hurt



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Do not act like the world which does not care whom they hurt or offend.

(02) I am your Father and you are Mine made in My image and likeness.

(03) You are in the world but you are not supposed to be part of it.

(04) You should represent Christ everywhere you go.

(05) You are the only light in their dark world.

(06) If you choose not to walk in the Holy Spirit, who will show them the way?

(07) Are you Mine or Satan’s?

(08) His world is selfish and crude, and harmful and uncaring to anyone.

(09) His agenda is self gain and self pleasure, and he is arrogant enough not to care about

whom gets hurt while he tries to takeover.

(10) My people are gentle, kind and humble.

(11) You must be wise as serpents so the enemy cannot outsmart you.

(12) You must stand for rightness, for no one else will.

(13) Do not allow my babies to be murdered.

(14) Do not vote on those who with My enemy.

(15) Take your places in My Army and My Kingdom.

(16) Love one another and know My true heart.

(17) Let me heal you today and accept My loving mercy for you.

(18) Forgiveness comes because of Christ and you must also forgive yourself.

(19) Walk in the purity of love and see each other hearts, and not faults.

(20) You must use Discernment so you to know the difference between truth and lie.

(21) You must know My Word so the enemy cannot deceive you.

(22) It is the truth that sets the captives free.

(23) Do not weep, your lives will be complete, and the enemy I will defeat.

(24) You will feel free once again to cross the street. Evil will surely retreat.


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