It’s Not About Us



Focus on the second to the fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) A time to rejoice and pick up steam.

(02) Move forward like a powerful train, and let all evil refrain.

(03) Death to life, it is America’s plight, and all will see the truth with all the proof.

(04) My people, you have already been given the power, in this late hour, to push back

the move of the enemy.

(05) You already have everything you need and the Holy Spirit will make the enemy


(06) Christ came out of the grave, He became your friend for eternity.

(07) You have been all set free.

(08) The Holy Spirit is for all who accept that Christ is Lord.

(09) Your life will not be bored and you will not be ignored.

(10) Rejoice everyday, watch and see how I will restore the land from all the sinking sand.

(11) I am lending a hand to help with My the Holy Spirit.

(12) Your future is bright only if you accept your new life.

(13) Come with Me this day, and do not delay.

(14) Hold on tight for things are about to take a fright.

(15) As the world falls apart, the Holy Spirit will start to move across the land.

(16) He will touch My people’s hearts and give them a new start.

(17) Love is always the answer.

(18) The Kingdom of God is at hand moving across the land.


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