Watch The Show



Focus on the fifth to the eighth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) It is going to blow. Watch the show like fireworks in the sky.

(02) Evil is about to die.

(03) A celebration of this nation. She was my creation.

(04) Freedom was her destination, and you can not take away my plan.

(05) Trump is My man.

(06) Redemption does draw nigh . . . no need to sigh.

(07) America’s flag will fly high, and her freedom will not be denied.

(08) Stand fast in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

(09) It is time for all the world to truly hear it.

(10) The audits are being done. Trump has surely won.

(11) The masks are in the past. They will not last.

(12) Hold on tight while I stop this fight.

(13) Christ will shine His light in the darkness of the night.

(14) What a true delight, dine with Me tonight.

(15) Joy will come in the morning, and all will stop yawning.

(16) As you wake up refreshed in the spirit all the world will hear it.

(17) The flag will fly in the breeze after America falls on her knees.

(18) And looks back to those who love her, the Holy Trinity.

(19) We gave you freedom so that you can live in peace and harmony, not evil’s anomaly.

(20) Can you lift your hands and worship?

(21) Those on the other side are seeing Joe Biden’s pride, and are not following his agenda.

(22) They too want him to surrender.

(23) You will see evil gasp as it crumbles beneath My feet, accept his defeat, and does retreat.

(24) Fireworks in the sky just like in the Fourth of July.

(25) Victory is Mine, and America will once again shine.

(26) Land of the free and home of the brave, evil will run to the caves.

(27) The Holy Trinity loves you with an everlasting love.


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