I Know How To Defeat My Foe



Focus on the First to the Third minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Tell My people I love them and I understand all they are going through.

(02) I have no intention on allowing this evil regime to stay where it does not belong.

(03) I am God, I am Your Father, and I know how to defeat My foe.

(04) Watch and see how My plans for the redemption of America come to pass.

(05) They have manipulated the rise of My gold and silver.

(06) It is coming to the end of its oppression.

(07) Rise and shine for all the world to see how you truly glitter the magnificence of My precious jewels that pave the streets of My Heaven.

(08) Gold and silver will have value once again to further My Kingdom.

(09) Be not deceived for it is not to become an idol to you.

(10) For as much as gold and silver shine, they will also become useless as the seals continue to open.

(11) Be wise and follow the Holy Spirit for He will lead you to the promised land.

(12) Bless one another and hold onto the truth.

(13) It is the only weapon that will stand in court.

(14) Facts and truth cannot be denied.


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