True Heroes Are Speaking Up



Focus on the Second to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My people, America will come back to freedom once again.

(02) The evil regime in the White House desires to destroy America to bring in the One World Government.

(03) America will not be part of the Antichrist’s system.

(04) I am moving against this takeover and remove those who did not win.

(05) Your true president will return to the White House and this regime will be destroyed.

(06) Freedom will reign again and you will know I am the Lord of your land.

(07) Follow the plan to watch and see what happened on the night of the election.

(08) You have true heroes speaking about the election results and who is your real president.

(09) You must listen to the Holy Spirit for the seals are opening and this world will suffer the consequences for its rebellion and arrogance towards its creator.

(10) I am love, but I am also judge.

(11) Stand behind Brother Lindell for he is one of My soldiers on the front line and will help to bring back the American Way.

(12) America, you are My shinning light to the world.

(13) Freedom is your name and freedom you will proclaim.

(14) Fear not because I am with you.


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