Worse Pandemic Coming


It follows two excerpts of the article Petrus Romanus, August 6, 2021.

“My children, My children, walking with your eyes and ears closed to Our demand of turning your sight on the Heavenly things, which will never pass away,” said Christ.

He added:

OUR LORD: “Because of the lack of faith, a worse Pandemic will come to mankind, which will shock mankind, because it will strike the lungs and the heart. We allow such deadly Virus to come to mankind, to bring them back to Us, who are waiting for their repentance. Our children must understand that it is not by God Who has allowed such evil, but by the free will of man.”


Apostasy is rampant while The Tribulation is nigh, and Christ Second Coming will occur seven years after The Tribulation’s beginning. Awake humanity and move to God to mitigate the Worse Pandemic.


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