Order of Apocalyptical Events



April 8, 2016 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

Clare began… The courage and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all, Heartdwellers.

Tonight, I ran across – or it was brought to my attention, a certain prophecy about an asteroid. And the Lord has not spoken to me in great detail about that. Neither has He spoken to me about the timing. It’s needless to say, I was a little confused. So, I came to Him and I said… ‘Lord, I don’t know what to make of all these things. It is so confusing. We didn’t go looking for it, but it came to us. I know You give different pieces of the puzzle to different prophets. I just don’t know what to think?’

He answered immediately… “Would you like Me to clarify it for you? This is not my favorite subject, but I don’t like to see confusion amongst My People, either. “There indeed will be a comet and it will hit Puerto Rico. Millions will be killed. For this My heart grieves. This will happen before the Rapture.”

(Clare) Before the Rapture? (Jesus) “Yes. Why do you think I sent you that dream?”

(Clare) He’s talking about someone who had a dream a year ago. And this was another one of those things that I couldn’t quite make the puzzle pieces fit with the knowledge that the Lord had given me. So, I was waiting for Him to put everything in order. This is the Dream, He has mentioned… I was with my family in our house in northern California and we were deeply concerned. Terribly hard times and disasters had taken place in our nation, and we had managed to get through it all, but something had occurred in the east and was heading our direction that was beyond our ability to survive. We knew we only had a few seconds to live.

I looked at my husband and two teens and said… ‘Let’s ask Jesus to make us ready to meet Him.” We all bowed our heads and as I started to pray, “Jesus, please make us ready to meet You….’ there was a loud EXPLOSION OF POWER from within us and we were instantly glowing! I couldn’t even see any distinct features of our bodies because we were all like bright white glowing stars!

Try looking at the sun— we were that bright!!! I knew that it was the power of the Holy Spirit within us! It was the power of the resurrection of Christ exploding in us and totally changing us! Like we were wired with all the voltage of a star and God threw the switch!

Then there was a loud boom like a clap of thunder and I saw a blue streak of lightening go through the very center of all of us and instantly we were shot out of our home like rockets going at light speed.

We WERE light and we were traveling at the speed of light. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I knew when I did, I would find myself in Heaven. Literally, in the blink of an eye!!! I just shouted out… ‘Praise Jesus!’ I just couldn’t stop praising Him! I woke up with so much joy and peace and excitement! That was the end of my dream.

(Clare) So, You sent that dream, so I could get it?



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