The Hour Is Near . . . Warn Them



Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

August 20, 2021

(Clare) My Dear Family of Heartdwellers, the Lord is continuing to ask us to prepare our hearts and wash our wedding dresses. As I pondered the timing in all of this, I must explain that we still do not know the day or the hour, but we are in the season. Jesus explained to me, that everything is subject to the Father’s timing and the Father’s word. And for all these years that the Rapture has been delayed, many things have come into place and ripened to the point of bursting.

Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies, the anti-Christ is a prominent figure in the world, and people in our nation have been brainwashed and prepared to accept all the lies the media is groomed to feed them. As a result, we have a divided nation. Only the Father knows why things must happen at certain times. In the meantime, Jesus gives us assignments and work to complete, but even He knows that the completion of those tasks on this earth is conditional, according to the Father’s will and timing.

(Jesus) “For now, I want you to prepare the flock. Repentance is of the utmost importance right now. Some who have not repented will be left behind. My children, I encourage you to do a life review and confess all the sins of your youth and growing up, all the way to this present day. If an action comes to mind, repent of it. Even thoughts are serious offenses and must be repented of. I want My Bride to be clean when I arrive, and for most of you that means a serious review of your life and acknowledgment of your sins, and deep repentance.

“Understand that your thought life has the potential to condemn you to Hell. You may not have done it, but if you cherished the grudge and wished ill on your neighbor, you have committed a serious sin. Unforgiveness will tether you to this earth just as securely as an abortion that you never repented of. This is no time to fool around. I need you to take Me very seriously.

“Make peace with any you have offended. Forgive everyone and receive their forgiveness. Pray and ask Me to heal those you have wounded in your life. Pray for those left behind. Write love letters to your relatives, do what you can to ease the pain of sudden separation that so many all over the world will suffer.

“Offer them hope and warn them sternly not to take the mark. On the day of the Rapture, they saw Scripture fulfilled.

“The next thing to be fulfilled in Scripture is the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16-18). Warn them of the depths of the physical suffering that will come on the heels of a period of so called prosperity and security. After that period, they will throw a switch that will make you suffer like you never believed possible, and on top of that, you will wish to die but death will escape you.

“This tool of Satan will cause you to curse Me and die unrepentant. So, I am warning you again, cry out for mercy and remember, those who take the mark will suffer for eternity. Better for you to die quickly and be in Heaven with Me for eternity than to prosper for a few short months and then die in torment and end up in Hell as well.

“I am with you in all of this, I love you dearly, and My greatest wish is for your complete repentance, so I may take you with Me. Please ask the Holy Spirit to show you the areas you need to repent of, and I will forgive you. Your wedding dress will be clean without spot, wrinkle or blemish.”


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