Purification of Earth and Humanity (Part 1)


Warnings, Wars and Pests


The Warning Voice of God and Nature before the Judgment

Thus says the Lord:

1. I have said that a very great ordeal draws nearer to mankind, so great that in all the history of its centuries and ages, it has not had any comparison.

2. Now you must understand that I am speaking to the heart of all of you. I am allowing My messages and warnings to reach you in many ways, in order for men to meditate and to awaken to My Law, like the prudent virgins of My parable.

3. Will the peoples and the different nations of the world listen to Me? Will this people, to whom I am manifesting Myself in this manner, listen to Me? Only I know, but My responsibility as a Father is to put all the means for their salvation along My children’s path.

4. Verily I say to you that if at this period men do not cleanse the blemishes that they have left in their spirit, the elements will come as heralds announcing My justice and My glory and purifying mankind of all impurity.

5. Blessed are the men, women and children who upon realizing the proximity of that justice, glorify My name, sensing that the day of the Lord has arrived, because their heart will tell them that the end of the reign of evil draws near. I say to you that these people, through their faith, their hope and their good deeds, will be saved, but how many of those who live during those days are going to blaspheme!

6. The paradise of the first people became a valley of tears, and now it is a mere valley of blood. That is why today when I have come to fulfill the promise that I made to My disciples, I awaken mankind from their lethargy, giving them My teachings of love to save them, and I seek the spirits who are destined to arise during this period to give testimony of My manifestation and My word with their deeds.

7. When those chosen by Me find themselves reunited round My Law, the earth and the stars will be shaken and in the sky there will be signs, because at that instant the voice of the Divine Spirit, surrounded by the spirits of the just, of the prophets and the martyrs, will judge the spiritual and material realms.

8. Many peoples have fallen to the depths of the abyss of materialism, and others are yet to succumb; the pain of their fall, however, shall wake them from their deep slumber.

9. Those are the nations that after a period of splendor tumbled into the abyss to sink into the darkness of pain, vice, and misery. Now, it is not a people, but all of humanity that runs blindly towards [spiritual] death and confusion.

10. The arrogance of the peoples shall be touched by My justice; remember Nineveh, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and Carthage; in them you will find profound lessons of the Divine justice.

11. When men, upon grasping the scepter, have allowed their hearts to fill with impiety, pride, and insane passions, dragging their peoples into degeneration, My justice has come to remove them from power.

12. At the same time, however, I have ignited a torch before them to illuminate the road of salvation for the spirit. What would become of men if in the moment of their trials I abandoned them to their own devices?

13. From precipice to precipice man has descended spiritually to the point of denying Me and forgetting Me, even to the extreme of denying himself and disowning his essence, which is his spirit.

14. Only My mercy can allow men to avoid the pain of having to retrace the road to return to Me; only I, in My love, shall know how to put in the way of My children the means for them to encounter the path of salvation.


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