Purification of Earth and Humanity (Part 2)


Natural Catastrophes, Mercy and Judgment of God


Natural Catastrophes and Earthquakes

54. Humanity: If all the efforts you have dedicated to prosecuting bloody wars had been dedicated to executing humanitarian works, your existence would be filled with the blessings of the Father, but men have used the riches they have accumulated to sow destruction, pain, and death.

55. This cannot be the true life, that which must be lead by those who are brothers, and the children of God. This form of life is not in accord with the Law I have written in your consciences.

56. To make you understand the error in which you live, volcanoes shall arise, fire shall surge from the earth to exterminate the evil seed. The winds shall be unleashed, the earth shall tremble, and the waters shall sweep over regions and nations.

57. In that way the elements will show their resentment of man; they have broken with him because man has been destroying one by one the bonds of friendship and brotherhood that tie him to the Nature that surrounds him.

58. Many calamities wilt come upon mankind; within Nature there will be disturbances, the elements will be unleashed. Fire will devastate regions, the waters of the rivers will leave their course, the seas will undergo changes.

59. There will be regions which will be buried under the waters, and new lands will appear. Many creatures will lose their lives, and even those beings inferior to man will perish.

60. The elements await only the hour to unleash themselves upon the world to cleanse and purify the earth. The more sinful and proud a nation, the harsher shall be My judgment of it.

61. The heart of this humanity is hard and deaf. It will be necessary for the cup of bitterness to reach it before it will be able to hear the voice of conscience, the voice of the law, and Divine justice; all will be for the salvation and eternal life of the spirits, which are whom I seek.

62. That flood that cleansed the earth of the human impurities, and the fire that descended upon Sodom you know them as legends; however, in this Era you will also contemplate how humanity will be touched as the earth trembles by the force of the air, the water and the fire; however, I shall again send you an arc, which is My Law, so that those who penetrate in it may be saved.

63. Not all of those who on that hour of trial will say: Father, Father!” will love me, but rather those who always practice My love for their fellowman, those shall be saved.

64. A new flood will become unleashed that will cleanse the earth of human perversity. It will topple the false gods from their altars, destroy stone by stone the foundation of arrogance and iniquity and will erase every false doctrine and every absurd philosophy.

65. Yet this new deluge shall not be, as was that of the earlier era, of water, for now the hand of man has loosed all the elements, both seen and unseen, against himself. He dictates his own sentence, He punishes himself, and He does justice.

66. The elements shall cry out for justice, and upon unleashing themselves they will cause portions of the earth to disappear, becoming seas, and seas to vanish where land arises.

67. Volcanoes will erupt to announce the time of judgment, and all Nature will be agitated and moved.

68. Pray, so that you will know how to conduct yourselves as good disciples, because that will be the precise time in which the Spiritual Trinitarian Marian Doctrine shall be spread within the hearts.

69. Three – quarters of the surface of the earth shall disappear, and one quarter only shall remain as a refuge for those that survive the chaos. You shall see the fulfillment of many prophecies.


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