World War 3 and Cosmic Event



Even if in old and new revelations of God the term ‘world war 3’ is not mentioned, terms like ‘fight of the nations against each other’ and ‘general world fire’ and the context describe this happening. Above all many seers and visionaries describe a 3rd world war directly or indirectly. With Jakob Lorber there are more concrete references to the period of the 3rd world war and the intervention of God from the cosmos.

The prophecies of God by Bertha Dudde answer among other things the following questions regarding world war 3 and its end…

Will a sudden outbreak of war end the apparent peace?

A superficial-apparent peace will end with the death of a ruler. After that, turmoil and unrest will spread and the powers will rage against each other. Hatred will rage without restraint. Heavy fighting will take place everywhere in the world. The whole world will become a flashpoint.

What motives will precipitate World War 3?

Ultimately, the age-old motives will also be valid for this world war… Lust for earthly, material goods, world-wide, geostrategic power, supremacy or even world domination, robbery of the mineral resources, riches, oil, gold of other countries out of egoism and avarice, as well as religious fanaticism and bossiness.

Which inner, spiritual causes trigger a last World War?

On a deeper, spiritual level it is a fight between Satan and God = Jesus Christ, whereby humans are the earthly representatives and executors of the fight. Satan wants to harm respectively destroy as many people and as much of nature as possible through this 3rd world war in order to prevent their spiritual maturation and spiritual return to God.

Why will God allow World War 3?

In spite of apparent peace, the (preparatory) conflict of the world powers will continue in a hidden way. Since the divine warnings are ignored, God will allow the open outbreak of war, because people and spirits have freedom of will and action and they have not used the time of peace well. Therefore, God will not intervene until a certain level is exceeded.

Will material precautions or flight ensure a survival?

Hectic material precautions and flight to seemingly safe places will be of no use. People should rather trustingly place their fate in God’s = Jesus’ hands and ask Him for protection and salvation. Once the fight of the powers triggers the global world fire (= world war 3), everything will take its course until the 3rd world war will be stopped by God’s intervention from the cosmos.

Will an intervention of God from the cosmos stop World War 3?

By themselves, the opposing coalition armies (Islam, Russia, China, USA/Nato) would not end the ‘world fire’ of world war 3. God = Jesus Christ will therefore intervene at the height of the atrocities. He will end the terrible slaughter by a glistening bright and hot celestial body coming extremely fast from the cosmos. This body will give the earth one or more violent blows and bring extreme heat and poisonous gases and dark dust clouds with it and wrap the earth in darkness for 3 days. All the forces of nature will be thrown into turmoil by impacts, the most violent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, fire waves and floods, causing huge destruction.

This worldwide impacting catastrophe from the cosmos will cost countless human lives. No side will be able to continue the war. And there will also be no winner of the 3rd world war, but only losers. All countries will be affected to varying degrees and will face varying degrees of misery and hardship. The chaos and destruction caused by war and natural disasters will initially force the survivors to adopt a radically different, primitive way of life.

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