I Need To Encourage You



Focus on the First to the Third minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I see the fear and disappointment in your hearts.

(02) You always think I will never answer when you have to wait with patience while I allow evil to manifest.

(03) If I had not allowed this regime to steal this election your country would have continued in this path of deception.

(04) I took home Ginsburg so that Amy Barrett could come in and do my bidding of truth and true justice to the Constitution.

(05) I have my perfect timing for everything.

(06) Death truly has no sting when you are Mine.

(07) Let My Holy Spirit comfort you today with these words for I have everything under My control and America will be once again the nation everybody will envy.

(08) You must stop worrying and truly trust me today and everyday as I have your best interest in my heart.

(09) I am yours and you are Mine and once again we will truly dine.

(10) It is almost time to straighten out this election that would have caused the insurrection.

(11) If Trump had taken a stand many would have lost their land for evil would have fought with a vengeance.

(12) Now many see this transgression has caused the depression and they all know that Biden caused it.

(13) Keep your eyes on the victory not all this trickery.


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