Jesus’ End Times Servants



Preparation and Tasks of Jesus’ End Times Servants

Instructions from Jesus through Bertha Dudde

September 7, 2021

Prophets and seers will continually point to the intervention of God from the cosmos to the close doom of the earth, and to the renewed banishment of souls that act contrary to God. They will do so even if they are not believed. They will emphasize the urgency of a change in attitude and lifestyle, they will talk about love and mercy, but also about the justice of God. A sense of responsibility must be awakened in those souls, and they must be awakened from their spiritual sleep. Those who accept the admonitions and warnings, and have the will to do good, shall be saved from perdition.

Who can work for Jesus and His kingdom?

Anyone who is willing can help to inform people about Jesus, His kingdom and the final judgment of this earth. All those, who are in the truth, believe in Him as God, pray to Him, connect with Him, fulfill His will and want to be active for Him and His kingdom are counted as followers of Jesus. During the end times, Jesus can only use helpers who are ready to serve and eager to do their work out of love for Him.

Do former disciples of Jesus also serve as His end times servants?

During the end times, many former disciples of Jesus will also be incarnated on earth to work for Him once again, showing people the way to Him before the end. Usually, they are not aware about their previous activity with Jesus. On top of that, reincarnated disciples of Jesus have to complete their spiritual education as well, just like all other people. They must become aware of their human weaknesses, fight for firm faith, and actively acquire love, knowledge and wisdom. They must receive living knowledge about Jesus and His work of redemption. The close bond with Jesus facilitates their development. The reincarnated former disciples of Jesus will be able to receive the truth from above and understand it.

How should Jesus’ end times disciples prepare themselves for their tasks?

They must detach themselves from material goods and activities, and give preference to spiritual matters. They must free themselves early on from attachments to material and worldly things that have become dear to them. They must surrender all earthly thoughts and worries to Jesus. They must steel themselves for spiritual tasks, preferring them to earthly ones. They must practice brotherly love, build up and strengthen their faith and trust. They must give priority to their own spiritual development and maturation. They must educate their fellow men about the seriousness of the times. They must be active in love, and calling for brotherly love, for it supplies strength. They must become strong and active in faith.

The survivors must be made aware of the importance and blessing of active brotherly love, for their own souls, and to alleviate the misery of others. They must learn to trust in Jesus’ continual willingness to help, as well as His omnipotence’s ability to help in every need. Faith in Jesus is to be awakened or strengthened, knowledge must be increased, and Jesus’ teachings must be diligently studied. They shall study the words of Jesus, for they are spiritual nourishment, and give strength and power for what is to come, and against enemies during the battle of faith. Build firm faith and trust in Jesus’ love, goodness and might. Through appropriate guidance and trials, they are being prepared for strong faith and for sensing Jesus’ constant presence. Faith in Jesus’ teachings and confidence in His love and power must be reinforced. The power of faith is to become so great that one can release everything to Jesus without hesitation, surrendering oneself to Him completely and submitting to His will. Spiritual preparation includes, among other things, daily retreat into silence, consciously opening oneself to Jesus and His guidance, gaining experience with prayer, and surrendering one’s life and will to Jesus.


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