Jesus Appears to Jewish Woman


Jesus Appears to Jewish Woman, “His eyes were just love!”


Shiri Joshua is an Israeli-born and raised Jewish believer in Yeshua-Jesus the messiah. She considers herself to be a Full Jew now that she found the Real God of Israel. Shiri still celebrates all Jewish feasts and traditions along with worshiping the King of Kings. Shiri was a psychotherapist and grief counselor for 11 years before getting deep into new age philosophies in her search for God. She became a public speaker and workshop facilitator teaching about various topics from psychology to new age across Canada until 2013 when she experienced a life-threatening illness and gave her life to the Lord! She renounced all other teachings. Shiri has a heart and a burden for people battling cancer and she shares her testimony on a newly developed vision called John 10:10 Ministries.


Jesus was very popular in Galilee, but most Jews did not accept Him as the Messiah. A minority, Jews for Jesus, accepted Him. Every Jew of reasoning age will meet Jesus privately in their impending Illumination of Conscience, and I expect then a massive shift of traditional Jews to Jews for Jesus.

Jews are a bright people and Jesus has a magnetic personality, factors leading to fruitful Illumination of Conscience. The media will inform worldwide about Jewish Illumination of Conscience. The Jewish assessment of Jesus will be deeply illuminated and uplifted.


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