Jesus Elucidates about the Rapture, Trump and Obama


Rapture Delay, Donald Trump and Barack Obama… Worthy and Unworthy Servants

July 25, 2016


Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Jackie) While listening to this Message, please keep the date in mind, July 25, 2016. 3 Month before the election of Donald Trump.

Clare began… Well dear family, my heart has been heavy for the last few days, and I suppose yours is, too. I had been listening to Terry MacAlmon’s song ‘How Long’ which is all about the Rapture, and really grieving, knowing that everything truly is being postponed. Then I heard Jesus say, quite unexpectedly…

(Jesus) “Can we talk?”

(Clare) So, I came to sit before Him. And I said… ‘Lord, You know how I am feeling.’

(Jesus) “I know how I am feeling. I miss you. I, too, am longing for that time when we can finally be together for eternity. Clare, look into My eyes.”

(Clare) They were bright, yet deep and so full of love it made me cry.

(Jesus) “I, too, am missing you and grieving at our separation, yet I do have much work for you to do. And you know how you love to work.”

(Clare) Lord, if you will maintain my body, sure. Yes, I love to work, to create. To do it with You, as well.

(Jesus) “But your heart is heavy… you don’t know what to expect, or how long you will stay healthy or how long you’ll live. Or how long I will truly be delayed… do you?”

(Clare) That’s all true, I don’t. It leaves me open to speculation of the worst kind.

(Jesus) “You are being buffeted by demons”.

(Clare) ‘Is there a chance this whole program will not go through as we are expecting? And the war and the Rapture will happen more quickly?’

(Jesus) “Yes, there is. Wrath is being held back, but the situation is still shaky and definitely not cast in concrete. But I know you will pray faithfully for it to succeed. And that’s all that counts… your heart is one with Mine, though it pains you deeply.”

(Clare) I began thinking of those who had objected to the last message.

(Jesus) “There are many who hear My voice and hear it clearly. And they are not any happier than you are.”

(Clare) How selfish of me.

(Jesus) “You are only human, but that will change…you are growing in reflecting My Heart everyday. It is so slow you do not notice it, but I see it. The interim between now and the Rapture will be worthwhile. I promise you that.”

(Clare) Lord, nothing I do for You isn’t worthwhile.

(Jesus) “No, but I mean it will be very worthwhile as you get to finish off some of your dreams and songs. And what a wonderful support group you have.” “Oh, Clare, I wish I could say differently, but here we are talking about the best possible outcome. And wanting for everyone to know, to love and serve Me. At least as many as will come”

(Clare) I know, Jesus. But I still have some questions.

(Jesus) “Fire away. I do have surprises for you. There are not going to be dull moments, that I can assure you of.”

(Clare) Well, Carol and I had talked about the people on the channel who were having a difficult time over the last message about the delayed Rapture. Lord, you heard that conversation with Carol…

(Jesus) “I did.”

(Clare) What do You think?

(Jesus) “I think you should stay with what I’ve told you and not waver.”

(Clare) But what about all the Rapture songs You keep playing? I almost feel teased…

(Jesus) “Clare, I want to keep it fresh in your mind. I am coming for you, My Darling Bride. I am coming for you and nothing will stop Me. It is a matter of timing and you know what to watch for.”


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