New Prophecy from Father Michael Rodrigue


An urgent message given by St. Gabriel to Fr. Michel Rodrigue concerning the events that will happen on December 8, 2021.


The Key Themes of the Message

By Daniel O’Connor

The message says that St. Joseph himself is the “restrainer,” spoken of by St. Paul in Scripture (2 Thessalonians Chapter 2), which holds back the power of the Antichrist. 2 Thessalonians 2:7, however, refers to a time in which the restrainer will be “out of the way,” which will enable the Antichrist (that is, the “the lawless one”) to acquire dominion.

This removal of the restrainer, Fr. Michel’s message says, coincides with the conclusion of the Year of St. Joseph, which falls on December 8th, 2021. 

Now, obviously, St. Joseph will never be truly “out of the way.” He always has been and always will be the Patron of the Universal Church, the Terror of Demons, and he will always be there for us. Nevertheless, this message implies that the Year of St. Joseph entailed a special outpouring of his protection on the Church (the message refers to this year itself as a “great blessing of protection”) — an outpouring which itself was so powerful that it prevented the Antichrist from entering the scene, even though the time was ripe for his arrival. But with that year of special protection ending, the Antichrist will no longer be prevented from arising. 

The message makes it clear that the Covid vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, for that Mark will come “soon” as a requirement to “buy, to eat, or to travel.” It does, however, imply that the vaccine is part of the overarching Mark of the Beast system and that it is a “savior illusion.”  This is similar to my current — and very fallible — sense of things. I.e., that the Covid vaccines — even if their supporters are correct on their efficacy/safety/importance (which I am not granting!) — is part of the rollout of a larger and darker system. I therefore especially encourage those who have received the vaccine to be particularly on alert for whatever comes next, and not to let habit determine their next decision — the same methods used to promote the vaccine will be used soon to promote the Mark of the Beast. 

The message says that St. Joseph’s special protection will “withdraw discreetly” on December 8th. Therefore, I would not say that this message is necessarily predicting something cataclysmic precisely on that day. Rather, the message says, that — although this process has already begun — those who reject Christ will, after that time, find themselves “entering into a force of delusion that makes them believe a lie. A social and planetary lie organized and prepared by the acolytes of the antichrist.”

After St. Joseph’s special year of protection expires on December 8th, this message says, the nefarious powers that be will be able to begin enforcing what they are now preparing by organizing “themselves through the media [to] create a climate of suspicion, fear and denunciation… where division and confusion will reign…” In other words, the final planks of the Infrastructure of the Antichrist are almost in place; after December 8th, 2021, they will be used for their intended purpose. 

But all that chaos and evil will only be “an appearance,” even though — I should note here for those unacquainted with the prophecies — it will entail 3 years of Global Chastisements (after the Warning), the likes of which the world has never seen, including unprecedented disaster/war/collapse/persecution, the Reign of the Antichrist, and then the 3 Days of Darkness. Although many will be martyrs (and we should rejoice above all at the possibility of such an honor for ourselves!), the Faithful Remnant will, by and large, be protected. 

For in truth, on that day, the message says, Our Lady will “begin the beginnings of the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.”

This Triumph will culminate in the Era of Peace –– the fulfillment of the Our Father prayer — the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven. These are the most exciting times in history to be alive. Do you trust in Jesus and strive to live in His Will? Then you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Take refuge in the Sacred and Immaculate hearts, and engage more zealously in The Mission than ever before. Now is not the time to retreat, it is the time to CHARGE forward with that battle cry ever on your lips, LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING! For now His Kingdom is so close we can almost taste it.


It follows a relevant comment of a video viewer:

This is a big revelation indeed. We’ve all had our ideas about who the restrainer is and most believed it was the Holy Spirit but St Joseph ! I sure didn’t see that coming but it does make sense. He’s always held a somewhat backstage role in the church, never taken credit for much but now we get to see the Lord make his work known to the world. Thank you St Joseph for all you have been doing for us.

Note: I originally thought the restrainer was the Holy Spirit, then I shifted to the

Archangel Michael, but never realized it was Saint Joseph.


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