Gisella Cardia

End Times


Beloved children, thank you for having responded to my call in your heart. My children, I Assumed in body and soul, as well as my Son, for the privilege granted to me by the resurrection of Jesus, I am here to ask you: do not show your weakness because the devil attacks you to make you fall into sin, pay attention, your conversion must be now, not tomorrow, but now. I ask you to increase your spirituality which can only happen with assiduous prayer, you will have to be like those who are already in the kingdom of God, full of joy, love, brotherhood and praise to the Lord, only in this way can you be strong for everything. what will happen. Children, now everything is ready, the enemies advance and will arrive from the sea. My children, all that has been foretold you are seeing with your own eyes, yet many still do not believe. I, Mother of all of you, tell you: soon there will be a schism in the church, everything will fall, My Father will make its foundations tremble.


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