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Valentina Papagna


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Valentina Papagna migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1955 from Slovenia. In 1988 two years after the sudden death of her husband, she began to receive visions and messages from our Lord Jesus and Mary our Blessed  Mother. Valentina is a Roman Catholic who has the full support of her Spiritual director and parish priest, Father Valerian Jenko OFM.

Valentina wishes to share her experiences and messages to help people come closer to God and to grow in holiness as Jesus and Mary desire. Now a grandmother, she lives a quiet and simple family life, seeking to avoid publicity yet compelled to proclaim the messages given to her.

I found myself looking through the window from my bed. I was sitting there and I was watching the rain that was pouring, grey sky, very depressing.

All of a sudden in the corner of my bedroom I heard tiles from the roof moving. Then roof begins to open, I see the opening of my ceiling, in the corner of my bedroom. I am watching but I was very peaceful. I could not move, I could only see and watch, but was aware of everything. I could see a gold glowing long light coming from far up in the sky. It was coming very fast like a lightening towards me.

The next minute, the Blessed Mother, came through the opening in the roof. She appeared exactly dressed like Our Lady of Lourdes. She had on a white dress, blue mantle and the veil I could still see how it was flowing in the air. “Oh my God I said, Blessed Mother!” I thought it must be a mistake. How could Blessed Mother come to me? She stood right next to me, She has Her hands joint in prayer and She said, “Let us Pray”. She again repeated “Let us Pray”. So we began with the ‘I Believe’, then we said an ‘Our Father’, and a ‘Hail Mary’ together, but I noticed She didn’t say the words ‘Hail Mary’ only Full of Grace to Herself so I was watching Her and praying with Her.

On the second ‘Hail Mary’ She rose above from where She was standing, about a meter up from the floor. I thought ‘Oh no, the Blessed Mother is going away,

I became very sad at the thought but She remained elevated in the air and behind the Blessed Mother appeared a beautiful mesh golden curtain. Her left hand was stretched over me. Her eyes never looked away from me, still with Her left hand outstretched over me and with Her right hand without turning around She drew the curtain opened. There was our Lord Jesus Christ, kneeling down and all the little baby angels were around Him holding His mantle. He had a white beautiful outfit and the mantle was red. He didn’t face directly towards me. I said, ‘Oh my God, dear Jesus.’ How could Jesus come into my bedroom and the Blessed Mother.

Then our Blessed Mother spoke a minute later, She said, ‘look at My Son, He is God Alive. Why are you grieving? Why are you crying? It is not the end of everything when somebody dies, it is the beginning of a new life. Have hope in My Son, My Son is God Alive. When She told me this so lovingly and calmly our Lord turned around. He smiled at me and he said, ‘listen to My Mother to what She is telling you.’ She was talking to me and teaching me to have hope in Jesus. Jesus stayed another minute or so. He turned around to make sure that I observed Him, I noticed He had beautiful wavy hair to the shoulders, beautiful features, beautiful passionate eyes, He turned around so that I could see his features, them the Blessed Mother touch the drapes with her right hand, she drew it and closed it. Then that vision ended. It was Heaven came into my room and then I said, “Oh the beautiful Lord is going away now and I want him to stay and remain in that state of grace forever”. I never wanted Him to depart, but he did.

Then I thought, Oh no, our Lord is gone, our Blessed Mother will go too. I wanted them to stay with me, to console me because I felt good. She didn’t depart, she closed the drapes and the vision went away. She came down again to me where I was sitting, lying sort of half way. She took my left arm and was caressing me and looking into my eyes and she never said anything anymore. She was smiling at me, and I felt such a peace, such a beautiful feeling I cannot explain. Her hand was completely warm, like ours, alive. And I thought to myself, ‘the blessed mother is alive as well. She is completely human, alive. When she finished caressing my arm, she departed. She went through the opening in the ceiling of the house. I was observing her and watching her. Her mantle was floating in air.

Guess what? That minute, not only did she leave but she took the rain with her, everything just instantly disappeared and went away with her. A beautiful sunshine and blue sky appeared the minute our Blessed Mother went up to heaven. I stopped crying, I went down to where she was standing, next to my bedside cabinet. I made a sign of the cross with my mouth where she was standing and I praised the Lord so much, I thanked Him and Blessed Mother. I said, “but who am I .. how did they know that I live here”. The next minute, I noticed how beautiful nature was. I had never noticed that the birds, leaves, trees are all God’s creation. How dumb I was, I never said thank you to God for all His creation. I never thanked Him for all the food that we receive, I never thanked Him for bread, for life, nothing. That minute it all came to me. I had to thank Him.

I used to have pain on my left ear right down to my heart, it was constant pain of grieving but while Blessed Mother was caressing my arm that pain completely left me, she had healed me.

I knelt there and I cried and I said, “Our Heavenly King and Queen visited me. I went into the kitchen and I stood there and said, ‘Who can I tell?’ This beautiful experience, all that has happened to me. Oh my God”, I said.

I went to Merrylands to meet my friend Maria. As we met, she asked me what had happened to me, “you are so happy today,” she said. Usually I was always sad. I said Maria, the Blessed Mother appeared to me in my room this morning. I told Maria all about my experience that morning.

I told Father Valerijan, I told many people, some believed, some didn’t. I spoke to my mother over the phone and she told me that maybe I should see a doctor. I tried to tell the whole world what had happened to me. My life changed completely at that moment. I was religious but not so deeply. Blessed Mother really came, but it wasn’t till a little bit after that our Blessed Mother came more frequently. She knew all that my friends were telling me and that they were praying for me and she said, it is so nice that your friends pray for you, but it is not because of that we came to you.

You were chosen before creation, My Son chose you, God the Father chose you, He had plans for you and I was send by My Son to console you, to give you hope again in your life and she said to pray for people. To tell everyone about Jesus Alive and not to be silent. This is a big grace that you have received and now is the time for it to be revealed to you. From then on, I received messages and teachings, but I thought it would be just for me but the Blessed Mother said: No, we want you to be our instrument, our prophet, you have to tell people to pray. The world is very bad and sinful. People must convert and change otherwise a big chastisement is upon you my children. Then, I started getting teaching from Our Lord and our Blessed Mother and it was going on . . . Many times I would keep writing and I would put it in my drawer. Our Lord would come to me and say, “You know the words that we tell you, you keep them in the drawer, it is no good. You have to spread them around. But I answered, “Lord, the people laugh ridicule me”. And He said, Let then ridicule you, be strong, he said because they only ridicule themselves, they put judgment on themselves.

There is a lot of suffering, but I never gave up. I was getting increasingly stronger. No matter how much crying, suffering and abuse from others there is always consolation coming from heaven.


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