Supply Chain Crisis


Are stores near you running out of supplies? Are your deliveries being delayed? Who is to blame for it? Over-dependence on China has triggered a supply chain crisis. Palki Sharma tells you how it started, how it’s going, and what’s the way out.

She explains superbly the supply chain crisis.


The USA heralded the globalization of the economy exporting our manufacturing to overseas, primarily China. The USA procured from the lowest cost producer and became a service economy.

China then longed to become the world leader overlooking means to attain their goal. China threatened to dominate their neighbors in the South China Sea, and ultimately developed the Covid-19 virus in a Wuhan laboratory to harm and become the absolute leader of the world.

Satan, the primary liar, deceiver and destroyer used China ambition to combat God’s Kingdom. The Wuhan virus leaked from the laboratory and infected China first and then the whole world. The nation could not foresee the virus, even properly dispersed would sooner or later harm them . . .

The nation should have employed its resources to improve effectively the quality of life of their citizens. For example, the government built ghost cities, grand infrastructure that was not immediately put to productive use, planted havoc in the world and prepared for World War III. The world we know will end in a decade, insufficient time for China to implement its grand domination vision.

How will the world manage the supply Chain crisis? Nations will repatriate some manufacturing industries, will not rely on sole supply sources, and will examine how they can compete with China . . . what are the manufacturing industries to develop competitive advantages.

Countries will examine immediately the nodes they have control in the supply chain. The Cargo Ship Dilemma in the USA is an example of such nodes.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Cargo Ship Dilemma”.

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