Explosive Message to Michel Rodrigue


This will happen this coming December 8th!

Saint Gabriel to Fr. Michel Rodrigue


March 2021 Message from St. Gabriel the Archangel to Father Michel Rodrigue regarding December 2021:

On the night of 18, 2021, Father Michel says Saint Gabriel the Archangel appeared to him at 2:30 in the morning to tell him about the Holy and Great discretion of Saint Joseph with the Holy Family and his role in these times.

Here is what Saint Gabriel the Archangel told Fr. Michel:

Hear my words well. The cup of iniquity is overflowing, and soon a time will come for the Church when the persecution of the righteous will take place. It will be this year 2021, the year that has been proclaimed by Pope Francis the year of Saint Joseph.

During this year you will be forced to make a choice. Soon the mark of the Beast will be imposed on you to buy, to eat or to travel. But a great blessing of protection has been offered to you.

The year 2021 is a year of discernment for those who want to be faithful to Christ. To all those who wish to follow Christ, Saint Joseph will assist you. But Saint Joseph must withdraw discreetly on December 8 2021.

By that time, and it has already started, all those who reject Christ find themselves entering into a force of delusion that makes them believe a lie. A social and planetary lie organized and prepared by the acolytes of the antichrist.

They form a false Church which is indeed the social body of the antichrist. They are the ones who rule by fear, domination, by communist and socialist ideologies.


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