The Third Sign: Division


Maria Explains The Apocalypse




Today my Immaculate Heart trembles and is anguished to see the division within the Church.

This division, which has penetrated the Church, is the third sign which indicates to you with certainty that the final moment of her painful purification has come.

If, in the course of the centuries, the Church has many times been torn by division which has led many of my children to separate themselves from her, I nevertheless obtained from Jesus the singular privilege of her interior unity.

But in these times, my Adversary has, with his smoke, succeeded in darkening even the light of this divine prerogative of the Church.

This interior division is manifesting itself even among the faithful who often set themselves one against the other, in an attempt to defend and better promote the truth. Thus the truth is betrayed by even them, as the Gospel of my Son cannot be divided.

This interior division sometimes even leads priests to set themselves against priests, bishops against bishops, and cardinals against cardinals, for never before as in these times has Satan so succeeded in finding his way into their midst, rending asunder the precious bond of their mutual love.

This interior division is expressed by the tendency to leave to himself and to abandon, so to speak, the very Vicar of Jesus, the Pope, who is a son particularly loved and enlightened by me.


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